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How long will you


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Humanity lost in space.

Far into the future, a small pocket of humanity has managed to survived in a space habitat.

Life is rough in the cylinder. Technology has been lost and resources are scarce. Still, humanity managed to survive through collaboration and sticking together.
How long can you survive?

Walk Your Path


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Build up your character’s strength, stamina and agility to weather the hardships of the cylinder and defend yourself against other players.

How to survive

  • New players can walk 3 miles and run 1 mile per day.
  • Every mile walked permanently increases stamina by 1%.
  • Every mile run permanently increases stamina, strength and agility
  • Not eating and drinking 1.5kg of food and water per day decreases all attributes by 1%/hour.
  • After 2 days of not eating or drinking, the character starts limping, then fainting and dies of thirst after 3 days

Pick your battles

  • Fighters with similar attributes will injure each other and suffer from injuries for several days to weeks of real playtime.
  • An injured character is very vulnerable and is likely to be be robbed or killed without a strong support network.


  • The longer a character survives, the stronger, the more rare and the more valuable it becomes
  • Only 5% of players are expected to survive for longer than a month, only 1% for longer than several months.
  • Players cannot survive on their own for more than a few weeks, but need to build support network around them to help during times of injury and for protection against players that have formed bandit tribes

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