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Hardcore Gamers

"Take the hardcore gamers. The characters are way more real in the world of hardcore gamers who have played the game for hundreds and hundreds of hours. They have the movie in their heads, they've built it on their own. These guys are always very disappointed in the movies. "

- Uwe Boll

Epic Fantasy

"Fantasy encompasses a wide, wide spectrum of writing. We have beast fables, we have gothics, we have tales of vampires and werewolves, and we have sword and sorcery; we have epics from Homer, and there is just so much out there that we put under the umbrella of fantasy."

- Robin Hobb

Speed up leveling

"The humanitarian developers behind World of Warcraft have also discovered a way to bribe gamers into turning off their computers and going outside. If you log off for a few days, your character will be more 'rested' when you resume playing, a mode that temporarily speeds up your leveling. "

- Clive Thompson

1. Get stronger

New players can walk 3 miles and run 1 mile per day. Every mile walked permanently increases stamina by 1%. Every mile run permanently increases stamina, strength and agility. Not eating and drinking 1.5kg of food and water per day decreases all attributes by 1%/hour.


2. Pick your battles

Fighters with similar attributes will injure each other and suffer from injuries for several days to weeks of real playtime. An injured character is very vulnerable and is likely to be be robbed or killed without a strong support network.


3. Survive

The longer a character survives, the stronger, the more rare and the more valuable it becomes. Only 5% of players are expected to survive for longer than a month and only 1% for longer than several months. Players cannot survive on their own for more than a few weeks, but need to build support network around them to help during times of injury and for protection against players that have formed bandit tribes.